About Us

We, Grant and Elissa Heatherly, are the owners and doggy wait staff here at Santa Clara Pet Vacation. We are in tune with the needs of your pets during their stay. Grant and I are efficient in poop clean up and puppy snuggles. We are lifelong pet owners and have a patient understanding of the needs of many different types of pets. We have a passion for rescue dogs and through their fostering efforts have encountered a wide array of pet behavior, medical conditions, and animal body language. You can be sure to trust us when choosing who to leave your furry loved ones with while you are away.

thule - santa clara pet vacation


The Warden

This princess pup keeps everyone in line. She supervises play time and keeps a close eye on the guest’s food dishes to make sure that every kernel of food is accounted for.

werner - santa clara pet vacation


The puppy sitter, guest greeter

You will never catch Werner playing on the job. He takes his role seriously and sits in his perch up high where he can keep an eye on everyone. Werner will also be the first pup you meet when you arrive! He welcomes our human guests while our furry guests get to know the place.

alice - santa clara pet vacation


Aerobics instructor

Alice will keep your pups moving and in shape! While she tolerates nap time she would prefer that all the guests keep an eye on her and follow her lead!